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Robertson Patrimoine Group

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The Robertson Patrimoine Group is a wealth management firm with over 16 years of successful experience in Paris, Barcelona, Miami and Mauritius.


Specialized in prestigious real estate investment in Mauritius since 2011, we intervene in the brokerage and investment of your assets, whether movable or real estate. 


Our clientele is composed of local and international investors wishing to build a real estate asset in order to make it grow, to pass it on, to make it their residence or to make it profitable in rental form.


We put at your service our expertise in asset management to make your investment a success.

Robertson Patrimoine Group offers to its clients a unique service in Mauritius: from a complete handling of their investment including the acquisition files, the procedures for the residence permit to the management of their property.


Our objective is to become the privileged partner of all your real estate, expatriation and retirement projects in Mauritius by offering you the necessary support before, during and after the realization of these projects, in a relationship of trust and partnership.


Find all our teams in our different offices in Grand-Baie, Cap-Malheureux, The Vale, Port-Louis and La Balise Marina (Black River).

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Robertson Patrimoine Group is a wealth management and tax optimisation consultancy firm specialising in prestigious real estate investments in Mauritius, Thailand and Miami.

Founded by Stéphane Robert in 2013, a tax lawyer by training, Robertson Patrimoine Group is specialized in assisting international clients in the purchase of luxury real estate in Mauritius.

Groupe Robertson Patrimoine is positioned as one of the major players in the sale of prestigious real estate in Mauritius. All sales have been registered by the Economic Development Board, a governmental regulatory body, thus reinforcing the presence and credibility of the group.

To optimise the investment of the buyers, our company takes care of all the legal aspects of the purchase and residence permits on behalf of the investors.


The founder-director personally takes care of the creation of companies for the acquisition (civil company, GBC 1 - GBC 2) to facilitate the investment.

With his experience as a tax lawyer, as well as his experience as an international asset manager for more than 20 years, he advises, guides, and provides a complete understanding of the acquisition procedures, profitability and taxes related to the investment.

Robertson Patrimoine Group also relies on:

Jack Jebodh, a commercial director with 12 years experience in the international prestige market in Mauritius, with a perfect command of the necessary administrative machinery.

Kaushik Ramsurn, an in-house chartered accountant mastering the Mauritian and international accounting standards, allowing the creation of companies and management in-house.

Maxence Hache, a French lawyer specialised in civil and patrimonial law.

Otto Holubar, an international consultant, of Czech origin, he has been navigating between Europe, Mauritius and the rest of Africa for the last twenty years, thus having an immense mastery of the market and the needs of European clients in Mauritius.

Nicolas Falcou, a sales agent of French origin and specialist of the Western region in Mauritius, has been living there for 20 years.

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Stéphane Robert

Founder & Director


Kaushik Ramsurn

Finance Manager


Jack Jebodh

Executive Director

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Nicolas Falcou

Commercial Agent Mauritius


Maxence Hache

Jurist & Properties Manager

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